Alex Wragg

Alex, a graduate joined Technology Management in November 2013 as a part of our Graduate Training Scheme programme.

This is what Alex had to say when he joined us.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and how you found Technology Management

I went to Coventry University in 2009 and studied Business Management as my degree. I did a range of different modules ranging from accountancy, logistics, strategic business management, resource management and a little bit about ERP.

I graduated in 2012 and looked for opportunities for a year, during which I applied to various Graduate Training Schemes all over the country.

In the meantime, I did part time and voluntary work, when I stumbled across the Graduate Advantage website and saw the position for a Dynamics NAV Support Consultant. I liked what I saw from the job description and I sent through my CV.

"You work through set stages that are clear and as a result simple to take on. "Alex, Support Consultant

Well when I was first contacted by Technology Management, I had never heard of Microsoft Dynamics or Dynamics NAV before, so I had to look up what it was!

Q: Was this the sort of thing you were looking for?

Not really, I applied across the board to all types of roles. The graduate schemes that I applied for were management-orientated roles. Universities usually drill it into you to apply to the positions with the big names. I hadn’t really thought applying locally. It hit me why not look for something around Wolverhampton?

Through doing Business Management as a Degree, I delved into the different aspects of finance, accountancy and so on, I felt comfortable applying to positions across the board – in Marketing, Admin - any other suitable roles that stood out.

I saw the role with Technology Management which mentioned Project Management. I had no knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV before I started here. I just walked through the door with a blank slate pretty much.

As a result, the interview process was different. I came in and was interviewed by a few people, including Matt Woodhouse. Instead of what I knew, they showed great interest in the kind of person I am, they were looking at the long term benefits of my determination, skills and enthusiasm to learn and progress. They wanted to see how they could develop me to fit into the company.

In the 8 or 9 months I’ve been here, I’ve picked up so much, how I was and how I am now is amazing. How much I’ve learnt is just unbelievable.

"Instead of what I knew, they showed great interest in the kind of person I am, they were looking at the long term... "Alex, Support Consultant

Q: How have you found it since you joined?

It’s been challenging, but in a good way. Not knowing anything about Microsoft Dynamics, Dynamics NAV (Navision) could have been a barrier. I’ve had a great group of people with the knowledge and experience who have been really helpful to me within the company. It’s a great company to work for because of that, but also the fact that our sights are aimed high and we’re rapidly expanding. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a part of Technology Management.

Joining during such a time has thrown me into the deep-end, but it’s been an embracing experience. The training structure is done in a good way because I’ve had to get stuck into things a bit more and that’s helped expand my knowledge and enchance my development.

There’s long term aims and goals for both the company and for myself. I was made to feel this during the interview and since that Technology Management don’t just want you here for a few years to just fill in a position, but to push you to develop and learn so that you can grow and progress. That really hit me in the interview. That ambition to be the best, to succeed, grow and develop fitted in with my ambitions. I wanted the job from there on in. I want to be up there.

I don’t mind coming from the bottom and learning the things I need to move up the ladder and through the stages. I was told that I would be given everything I needed to progress forward and it has been the case from day one.

Q: Now that you’ve been here for almost a year, how do you see yourself progressing forward?

I see myself progressing in the way that I have been currently, to develop my knowledge of Dynamics NAV. I’m starting to do more and more on my own, which is a great feeling. I don’t feel like the new starter that I did initially. I feel like I am starting to get more comfortable in my surroundings. I just want to develop and progress more. Longer term, I’ll hope to become a Dynamics NAV Consultant.

Q: Have you had any certifications?

I am about to take my Finance exam in a month. It’s great that we’re pushed to gain certifications, investment and recognition to further show that we are capable of getting a qualification to supplement what we’re constantly learning.

Q: Would you recommend us to prospective graduates?

I would definitely recommend Technology Management's Graduate Training Scheme. Whether you’re like me and have had absolutely no experience, or just know a little, the training is structured and styled very basic. You work through set stages that are clear and as a result the training is much easier to take on. It’s a great scheme to be in. The people here are genuinely helpful.

The wealth of experience and knowledge that people have here is invaluable and they are always there, willing and more than happy to help you to develop and only get better.

Where is he now - 2 years on?

Q: Would you recommend us to prospective graduates?

I have been with Technology Management almost two years now, starting out on the Support Desk while I learnt about the software and embarked on my in-house training. The team here have been great, they talk to me constantly about my progression and help to guide me toward the next steps in my career, at my pace. There is a great cycle now building up from our Graduate Programme - I love that we now get to help the new guys settle in and can easily answer their questions. Getting to teach them is an excellent part of my job.

Q: Would you still recommend the Graduate Training Scheme to fresh graduates thinking of applying?

Myself and Gurdeep were two of the first Graduates at Technology Management, and as the scheme has progressed it has gotten better and better. There is so much progression and many opportunities at here, I couldn’t recommend the scheme highly enough.


If Alex has helped convince you of the benefits of working with Technology Management and you think you have what it takes, get in touch with us to get yourself heading towards a colourful and bright future.


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