Gurdeep Basra

Gurdeep, a post-graduate joined Technology Management in November 2013 as a part of our Graduate Training Scheme programme.

This is what he had to say when he first joined.

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you found Technology Management?

I did my undergraduate degree at Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-trent Campus. I studied International Business Management which was a three year course. Once I finished, I was in the process of looking for a job before I started my post-graduate course. I didn’t come across anything that stood out to me enough, so I opted to do a post-graduate course continuing in International Business. The post-graduate course lasted for a year and a half, which brought me to 2012.

After University I came to discover Technology Management through Graduate Advantage, before seeing them on there – I wasn’t aware such opportunities existed so close to me! I was looking far afield but there was Technology Management - so close.

The next stage was Technology Management!

"...There’s no better place to be for a graduate."Gurdeep, Consultant

Q: How have you found Technology Management since you joined?

It’s going great.

It has been 9 months since Alex and myself joined Technology Management. We started together and it’s been brilliant since.

Obviously Dynamics NAV (Navision) was something that was completely new to me.

We’re Junior Dynamics NAV Support Consultants, just learning the software – the first five six weeks we were spent reading manuals with hands on training. Since then I’ve been working on the cases that come in to the support desk.

Everyone has been really helpful. Everyone on the support team, everyone on the development side, everyone in general has been extremely helpful - you can go and ask anyone any question and they’ll come back and give you their input and do the best they can to help you.

That’s so helpful and important for people like Alex and Myself who are newbies to Dynamics NAV.

Q: You've lasted 9 months, what made you stay?

I think one of the most important reasons I’m still here is due to the culture of the organisation.

I haven’t worked with everyone as of yet but the people who I have worked with are on the support team and the developers, we all have a team culture and when you have that sort of atmosphere and attitude around the workplace it is really good. Especially for people like myself who are still learning the very basic knowledge of NAV and for improving that it’s the best situation you can be in, around people who know so much and are willing to help you too.

Q: Have you been on any training courses? Do you have any particular highlights of being here?

I went on one of our new client’s sites and it was a great experience. We went with a basic knowledge of Dynamics NAV so I wasn’t able to contribute much but it was still great insight to see Dynamics NAV in action.

I was also able to put more things into context having seen it in action. Even though I use it every day at work, I gained a lot more from watching it in action after the visit, such as transactions going through the system, stock moved from warehouse to shipping.

Witnessing all of those processes was amazing, absolutely brilliant.

Q: Now that you’ve been here for almost a year, where do you see yourself going looking forward?

The main thing is working on my knowledge of Dynamics NAV and improving it. Dynamics NAV Consultancy is the next step for me to aim for.

Q: Would you recommend the Graduate Training Scheme to fresh graduates thinking of applying? If so, what sort of advice would you give them?

I think this is a brilliant place to be for a graduate, someone just getting their foot in to the field.

In terms of the culture and the working environment and the people here, there’s no better place to be for a graduate.

The best thing for graduates is working alongside people who have such deep knowledge and learn from them. It’s a great place to be and a brilliant opportunity for graduates.

There's a colourful future for a graduate in a career in Consultancy and Support for Dynamics NAV, so if they're looking for security and future prospects, Technology Management is the place to be.

Where is he now - 2 years on?

Q: How have you found it at Technology Management since you joined?

I started with Technology Management back in November 2013, so almost two years ago now. After about 16 months of being with the company, I moved from the Support Desk over to one of our Consultancy teams and it was a smooth transition. I found I was getting the same amount of support from the Consultancy Team as I had received on the Support Desk, and was thrilled to still feel so involved. My Team Leader has involved me with three go lives since I made the move and as a whole the progression has been just as exciting as when I first joined Technology Management.

I have now passed the Microsoft Dynamics NAV exam for Consultants (MB7 and 701) and have also continued my in-house training. The journey has been a challenge but one I have thoroughly enjoyed. I hope to keep learning as I continue to progress.   

Q: Would you, 2 years on, still recommend the Graduate Training Scheme to fresh graduates thinking of applying?

Yes. Definitely. If they are like me, someone who starting knowing nothing about Microsoft Dynamics NAV, then Technology Management is the place to be. Everyone is so supportive and couldn’t be more helpful in guiding graduates through this process.

It’s a scary step to embark on a career path in such a diverse industry, but I would always recommend Technology Management for their wonderful team and second-to-none training.


If Gurdeep has helped convince you of the benefits of working with Technology Management and you think you have what it takes, get in touch with us to get yourself heading towards a colourful and bright future.


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