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Looking for a partner to support your international Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 implementation?

Cross-country ERP implementations create all sorts of challenges.

Issues like local statutory requirements, language barriers, work cultures, differing business hours and holidays, infrastructural issues like broadband availability – can all threaten the success of a local implementation.

Politics and tension between your headquarters and subsidiaries just add to the problems – particularly if your organisation is going through business transformation as part of the project.

You need expert guidance, local Microsoft Dynamics resources, international implementation methodologies based on best practice and tight project management.


Global Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Dynamics 365 ERP implementation specialists

Represented by over 160 offices in 70 countries, Pipol delivers a single point of contact for every stage of your international deployment – from requirements definition to project planning and roll-out and local execution.

Irrespective of the size of your project, Pipol & Technology Management support international businesses with Dynamics implementations designed to harmonise business software, processes and data - and ultimately improve business productivity and growth. Pipol delivers global engagement through central project management together with local resources and local prices.

Their unique sourcing model enables us to choose the best team for your international Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 project.


3 reasons to choose Pipol & Technology Management for your international deployment of Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365

Worldwide coverage with the most professional and experienced local Dynamics partners – delivered at local prices
Unique international ERP know-how from hundreds of multi-site, multi-country Dynamics implementations
Unrivalled wisdom in balancing local ERP requirements with the drive for international business process harmonisation

Brush up on your international ERP deployment skills with our 3 most popular eBooks

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White paper

Change management

We will take you through some key principles of managing change and influencing behaviour, which can help you to ensure early involvement and positive backing for new global processes in an international organisation.



White paper

Managing quality & risk

We will introduce you to the key principles of building quality into a global ERP project and mitigating the risks associated with harmonising processes across your international organisation.



White paper

From local to global

We will outline the importance of identifying and prioritising the right global business processes to focus on in order to obtain the greatest possible benefits from harmonisation.