Financing your new integrated business system

Help ease the economic burden associated with acquiring and implementing business software, hardware, and related consulting services.

By financing the total end-to-end solution you need now, you can help your business maintain its competitive edge and cash reserves, help preserve your corporate credit lines and own the hardware you purchase outright.

Gain a competitive edge today

Many companies are reconsidering their technology investments because of uncertainty in the business world. But now is precisely the time to be proactive and invest in your company's future—because stalling technology investments in the short term can cripple the long-term growth of your company. So, while the competition only thinks about investing in its future, you've already started—and that gives your business an edge.



Improve your cash flow

Financing from Technology Management transforms large "cash up-front" technology investments into affordable monthly payments. You get the benefits now but typically pay over three to five years. That means you can keep cash reserves and invest in other critical assets or preserve capital for emergencies.

Make things easier on yourself

Technology Management makes the process of financing your technology investment easy. For example, you'll talk financing with people who understand your business. Technology Management will already understand the details of your implementation project and the concept of software and services as intangible assets. You save time because you don't have to explain all this again to a third party who may not understand the big picture.

Next steps: How to get it

Technology Management has arrangements with a number of finance companies including, Microsoft Financing. Financing is usually available to cover most of the costs associated with IT implementations such as software, services, maintenance and hardware. The service lets you extend business-management system costs over time, so you can manage your business finances more effectively today and preserve your cash for emergencies or other opportunities.

Total Solution Financing is available only through a Microsoft partner such as Technology Management. Contact Technology Management today to discuss your IT and financing requirements.


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