Your entire Windows desktop - hosted at Technology Management’s UK data centre - gives your business the flexibility to access your data and applications from anywhere in the world.

With a hosted desktop you can choose where to connect. With just an Internet connection, from any location and any machine you can connect to your desktop, use your applications and print your documents - just like you're normally do when you're in the office.

Free from the burden of managing your own server infrastructure and regularly updating each desktop computer, an on-demand desktop enables you to experience the benefits of the latest Microsoft Office software, for an affordable monthly price.

Key Benefits:

  • Per user, per month fees keeps your IT costs manageable and predictable.
  • Switch users between on-demand and on-premise as demands and needs change to suit your business.
  • No server infrastructure investment frees your IT resources up.
  • Ensure greater flexibility and data security using a UK-based hosting centre that Technology Management has direct access to.
  • UK-based support desk ensures personal, attentive service from our team of certified Microsoft professionals to manage email accounts.

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