A well-maintained IT infrastructure ensures you get more from the business systems and software you rely on each day to run your business. Yet until now, the cost to maintain systems properly has left some making risky false economies and leaving their IT to chance.

Comprehensive Five-Tiered Service

TecSupport from Technology Management is an affordable way to maintain the health of your IT infrastructure and protect your investment. TecSupport's unique five-tiered service gives your business optimum support, at a cash-flow-friendly fixed monthly price, leaving you with the freedom to focus on running your business.

With two support options, TecSupport offers a flexible and comprehensive level of support perfectly suited to your business and budget:

Support Essentials

Support Essentials covers the core elements of your IT infrastructure, with additional support not often found elsewhere. Support Essentials gives you fast access to IT professionals who'll have your business up and running again when problems arise.

Support Essentials features:

  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Inclusive annual site visit
  • Discounted additional site visits

Support Options

Support Options gives you the choice and flexibility to add additional support services to your core Support Essentials package. It ensures you only pay for the support your business needs, at a price your business can afford.

Proactive system monitoring with SystemGuardian

System Guardian from Technology Management offers your business proactive 24/7 system monitoring, checking for any issues that, if left untreated, could cause system downtime.

Each day System Guardian monitors your server and networks. Automated system health checks alert our engineers to any emerging problems, enabling them to deal with issues sooner, before they become serious and costly to fix.

You can choose from daily, weekly and monthly reporting to stay on top of how your system is performing, with news on any preventative measures our engineers are making in the background to keep your systems running smoothly.

System Guardian can monitor:

  • Any Windows service error
  • Backup status
  • Current anti-virus patches
  • Performance loads on CPUs, memory, disk and network
  • Disk space thresholds
  • Network connectivity
  • PING tests on printers, routers, remote offices and more
  • TCP port checks
  • RAID health checks
  • SNMP checks to monitor and SNMP-enabled device

Safeguard your business data with DataGuardian

DataGuardian from Technology Management lets you backup and retrieve all your important files, databases and emails safely, without the need to rely on backup tapes for your server or external hard drives for your PC.

DataGuardian is a secure, fast and automated system that guarantees you 24/7 access to information vital for your business.

With DataGuardian you can affordably:

  • Back up all your files, emails and databases to our secure servers
  • Automatically back up data throughout the day and night
  • Restore your data saved in the past
  • Carry on working on your documents, even if your server is down

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