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Faccenda Foods: Client Case Study

Faccenda Foods

Industry: Food & Beverage

Solutions: DynamicsFood - Microsoft Dynamics NAV & SI Foodware

"The Dynamics Food solution from Technology Management delivered a 90% fit to our detailed business requirements – straight out the box. It was clearly designed for our industry. And with Microsoft Dynamics NAV at its heart, we soon realised we had a solution for the long term and one our users would find easy to use."Andy Robey, IT Manager

Delivering with Speed and Responsiveness for the Major Retailers at Faccenda Foods (formerly Cranberry Foods) - with Technology Management and Dynamics Food

The Company

Faccenda Foods are the one of the UK’s largest integrated turkey producers. With their own hatchery, over 70 farms, specialist production facilities and highly trained personnel, they provide farm to fork assurance of high quality turkey products. The company employs 750 staff and has a turnover of £100m.

As well as selling finished turkey product to the UK’s major retailers, Faccenda Foods also sell to other food manufacturers across the UK and the hospitality industry.

Business Issue

Faccenda Foods’ existing IT systems were split with Sales Order Processing, Finance and Purchasing in one system, and Manufacturing on a different platform. In addition, key areas of functionality required by those operating in the Food & Beverage industry – such as Catch Weights and Shelf-life Control - were in disparate systems, with Divergent Bill of Material functionality missing.

"The Catch Weight functionality in Dynamics Food is fundamental to our business. We can now purchase more accurately with better visibility of stock consumption and rotation which feeds through to improved production planning”. We can also now report on vendor performance and action accordingly. The Divergent Bill of Materials (BOM) functionality of DynamicsFood will be a key part of improving our production planning in the future."Andy Robey, IT Manager

With plans for continued growth and expansion, Faccenda Foods needed an integrated and scalable solution, designed specifically for their industry sector that would allow future streamlining opportunities.

The Solution

Faccenda Foods selected Dynamics Food – Technology Management’s offering of SI Foodware (a suite of software modules specifically for the food & beverage industry) combined with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Faccenda Foods also selected Technology Management’s EDI-as-a- Service solution to handle EDI orders, invoicing and Advance Shipping Notifications (ASN’s).

As a 7 day-a-week business, Faccenda Foods also signed up for Technology Management’s UK based 24/7 365 Business Critical Support – to ensure that they continue to meet the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) they have in place with their major retailers.

Four Key Benefits

"Thanks to the role tailored functionality of Dynamics Food, our Order Entry process is now very fast and straightforward. Whoever the customer and however their order arrives, we can process it very quickly and pass it through for production and delivery."Andy Robey, IT Manager

Reliable, cost effective and integrated EDI

Faccenda Foods receive orders and send invoices via EDI from almost all the major UK retailers. They also need to send Advance Shipment Notifications (ASNs) via EDI for all deliveries to certain customers.

The Technology Management hosted EDI-as-a-Service provided a substantial cost saving over their previous solution. It also requires less support from the Faccenda Foods’ IT team – freeing them up to focus on more IT strategic projects. Hosted on Technology Management’s world-class UK data centres, it also is a fully resilient, fail-safe solution.

Completely integrated to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the Technology Management hosted EDI solution enables Faccenda Foods to receive daily EDI orders as late as 1:30pm and still have the lorries loaded and on-route to the retailers by 4pm the same day.

"Throughout our implementation, the Technology Management team proved themselves highly committed to the success of the project, extremely flexible and knowledgeable. On any issues, they were upfront and straight-talking so the problems could be quickly addressed and resolved. As a result, we have great confidence in their business, technical and support consultants as well as their management team. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them."Andy Robey, IT Manager

Improved purchasing & production planning

Like many other companies in the food and beverage industry, Faccenda Foods have to deal with items sold by weight as well as the individual trays or cases that they sell to the major retailers.

The Dynamics Food Catch Weight functionality supports the tracking of dual units of measure for inventory, sales, and invoicing transactions.

Enabling 1 product/turkey to produce many other products/turkey joints.

Accurate Credit Control

The Catch Weight functionality also enables more accurate credit control. Previously, without the tracking of dual units of measure, Faccenda Foods had no visibility of customers’ nearing their credit limits.

Fast Order Entry

Speedy and accurate sales order processing for Faccenda Foods’ phone, fax and email orders is an essential part of maintaining strong customer relationships and continuing to grow the business. The Role Tailored functionality of Dynamics Food hides any feature that a user doesn’t need to help prioritise tasks and ultimately increase productivity.

Going forward

Faccenda Foods are expanding the use of Dynamics Food to include integrated EDI for purchasing (60% of their supplies come from 4 key suppliers), the management of packaging stocks and General Factory Stock (such as flavourings) as well as shipping containers.



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