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Triton Showers: Client Case Study

Triton Showers

Industry: Manufacturing

Solutions: Pegasus Opera II, Payroll Pegasus XRL

"With our in-house processing, we still required people to input the Payroll information, time- sheets, absenteeism, bonus scheme details etc. We were not saving on headcount, so it undermined the whole point of outsourcing our Payroll to a bureau."Nigel Pond, Financial Controller

In May 1975 Triton Showers began as Triton Aquatherm Ltd, manufacturing showers in a Trade Unit in Atherstone. It became Triton Showers in June 1986 prior to being acquired by Norcros plc (now Norcros Group (Holding) Limited) in September 1987. Triton is the UK brand leader in electric showers and has held this market dominant position since the mid 1980s.

Triton Showers now employs 340 people and operates from its offices and purpose built manufacturing site in Nuneaton, with a turnover of £50 million. Triton’s customer base is wide, selling to all outlets where consumers would expect to buy their products, eg DIY stores, Builders and Plumbers Merchants, Electrical Wholesalers and Home Shopping outlets.

The Challenge

"XRL is intuitive to use, if you can use Excel and Access (or other similar tool eg Microsoft Query) you can use XRL. We export information out of Payroll, such as employee salary payments, and cross check against Payroll budget, saving a great deal of time. We have only been using the system for two months, but going forward I intend to improve processes and the way we do things, XRL will help me to do this. XRL is great!"

Triton Showers were using a Payroll Bureau, ADP, to assist them in all their payroll needs – using a product called Surepay. However, it was a DOS based system, which was installed in 2001 and it did not do what they required. They still needed to have employees working on Payroll at Triton, so it did not reduce their costs at all.

In October 2007 Triton was given notice that the DOS based system was to be replaced with a Windows based Payroll solution in 2009, so they decided to start looking at what other options were available on the market, with the sole aim of reducing their costs.

The incumbent bureau service was becoming very expensive, costing Triton approximately £20k a year, coupled with the fact that the replacement products server was to be hosted in the USA, which did not sit comfortable with Triton. Storing data overseas (or anywhere off-site) is dangerous, as HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) have since discovered, so Triton were intent on finding a UK based solution.

Nigel Pond, Financial Controller at Triton reviewed several solutions, including Sage, but the costs were similar to ADP. Nigel’s team also reviewed Pegasus Opera II Payroll and HR, and agreed that this was the best fit for their organisation. As Nigel explained, costs were becoming prohibitive:

"XRL’s ability to extract information from Payroll along with a utility, written for us by our Pegasus Partner, Technology Management, enables us to update information, such as, hours worked and individual bonus schemes details. This saves us many hours of work and the risk of human error is much reduced, as re-inputting the data is no longer required. It is now a simple import routine."Nigel Pond, Financial Controller


XRL is the Excel Reporting Layer from Pegasus that seamlessly integrates information from the payroll system into Microsoft Excel in a couple of simple steps. There is no rekeying of data, no copying and pasting and no data falling down the gap. It is fast, accurate and secure reporting and analysis.

With Pegasus XRL, Triton run their monthly reports such as their Pension Returns, Share Save Scheme and BACS Payments. Nigel adds:

The installation process was painless too. Triton ran a parallel system during that time, and all the information from the DOS based system was exported to Excel and then imported to Opera II Payroll. Triton used the opportunity to also update all their training records and job descriptions so that the new system was completely up to date, again this import functionality, was developed specifically for Triton by Technology Management.

Partner Connection

Triton Showers purchased Opera II Payroll through Pegasus’s Midlands based Strategic Partner, Technology Management.


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