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13 Tell-tale signs you’ve got productivity problems

Solving the productivity puzzle for SME’s in Manufacturing and Distribution with ERP

Since 1998, central Government have said they want to address the productivity puzzle in Britain.

But now, almost 20 years on, it’s something most companies in manufacturing and distribution still struggle with. Running up to 20% behind the other G7 countries and with the chance of economic uncertainty on the horizon – now is the time to act and get productivity up to the max.

To help you recognise the signs of poor productivity in your organisation, download our guide and understand the pain points preventing your firm from getting 100% out of every day.


"We now respond to customers inside a week - whilst our competition still have up to a 17-week lead time"


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"It was not an IT project, but a business simplification project"

Rowan Crozier, Chief Executive Office, C Brandaeur