AGR Inventory Optimisation for Dynamics NAV

Inventory optimisation for Dynamics NAV provides enriched stock optimisation capabilities for those who wish to better manage their inventory through more accurate forecasting and ordering.

Existing users boast;

  • Reduction in inventory costs
  • Fewer stockouts
  • Reduced workload through automation
  • Clearer inventory insights
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Reduced working capital

Driving forward with improved inventory management

  • Demand forecasting Factor in historical, seasonal and promotional factors into statistical forecasting to manage your inventory. Take advantage of a better, more versatile way to forecast using 'exponential smoothing', 'simple methods', 'curve fitting', 'low volume models' and 'Box-Jenkins'. Inventory optimisation demand forecasting can highlight inconsistencies and unusual activities providing deeper insightful understanding of your stock.
  • Order proposals Enhance vendor collaboration and information throughout your entire supply chain through scheduled purchase and order plans.
  • Optimised ordering: Arrange purchase plans to best utilise container space to ensure similar shelf life without breaking volume/weight/pallet constraints.
  • Promotion planning: Account for promotional activities when reporting sales forecasts. Adjust the sales history for groups of items to influence future forecasts. The uses of this becomes quickly apparent when a scenario such as a promotion at a specific location or for a specific group of items - adjust historical figures for far more realistic forecasting. Also benefit from being able to account for future promotional activities before they are confirmed and set off as purchase orders.
  • Manage by exceptions: Quickly identify and be alerted (via email) items that require immediate or special attention, relating to possible stockouts, late deliveries, slow movers and high forecasting errors.
  • Materials requirement planning: Calculate raw material requirements for production items that are created from a number of components. Through the use of Bill of Materials (BOM), NAV Stock Optimisation you can define how a production item is constructed by its various components. The Materials Required Planning feature then combines purchase plans and the BOM to indicate the amount of inventory required for each production item. Factoring in purchase plans, the Materials Requirement Planning feature takes into account dates components will be needed, as well as accounting for both lead and assembly time.
  • ABC analysis: Prioritise your inventory management for your organisation, location, product group or supplier through two-dimensional ABC analysis.
  • Management overview Evaluate current and forecast future performance of your inventory through various factors, including stock value development, turnover, turnover rations for products, groups or locations.


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