Quickly and easily validate addresses entered into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics Additions Address Validation is a postcode lookup tool developed to ensure the information you enter into Dynamics NAV is accurate.

Entering a postcode on a page in Dynamics NAV with Address Validation in place automatically starts a quick online search from over 240 countries and lists the addresses matching that postcode for the user to select from. The user is prompted to select one of the matching address results, following which the address and city details are automatically populated in the record.

Simple and straightforward, this Addition cuts time keying in information and ensures that the address information, which is especially important for deliveries, is correct.

Setup is simple using the Address Validation setup page and all searches are saved in a new table in Dynamics NAV; then all repeat searches for the same postcode are answered from this table, saving the cost of a lookup.

Please note: Customers will need to create their own account with Allies Computing and add credit to it. The service is charged per lookup.


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