Who's making sure you're getting paid on time?

Give your organisation better control of overdue balances and approaching credit limits in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Even for a profitable, well-run company, running low on cash is a huge issue - and often payment collection is the culprit. With bad debt and cash flow issues cited as two of the main reasons most small businesses fail it's vital that someone is keeping an eye on yours.

Therefore, it’s essential to arm your business with the necessary tools to effectively and efficiently perform credit management and avoid late payments. Taking control of overdue balances and the approaching credit limits of your customers and suppliers is vital, but can be a very big ask of your credit control team. 

Our Addition for Dynamics NAV helps to remove some of the manual tasks from your Credit Control team, by automatically putting sales orders on hold if a customer has overdue balances or a particular sales order would put them over their agreed credit limit.

Credit Management gives your defined users specific monetary authorisation limits; enabling sales orders to be released as required and/or define a specific grace period for overdue balances. There is also the option to credit hold all orders to keep an eye on certain accounts, or cash sale accounts. You can even assign your accounts to specific Credit Controllers in your team and they can use individual dashboards to help them keep on top of their daily tasks.

Great for your larger customers, Credit Management can also be used to bespoke your controls; certain accounts can be excluded from the credit rules you have in place, to ensure their account never gets credit held if they are over their limit and at the same time, can also be ignored if there is an overdue balance.

We recognise that ensuring a client pays on time is getting harder so this Dynamics Addition also helps your team keep on top of chasing debt. Follow up calls/to-do’s can be automatically diarised to remind your users when to chase payments that haven’t been paid when promised, aiding your busy team with better time management and more efficient processes.

Help ease the drudgery of manual tasks for your vital credit management team, and don’t let cashflow surprises kill your business.


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