Dynamics Additions Document Links makes it easier than ever to store customer documents within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This can be done by using the Document Links FactBox or an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service*.

It's crucial to manage files within the Sales Order Processor in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This is greatly complimented by the Super User and Regular User permissions within Document Links. Any Super User can have total control of who can remove documents, which eliminates the potential risk of accidental or malicious document deletion.

The Document Links FactBox will allow you to link files across your system to create a holistic view of your data within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For example, if your customer releases a new price list, you can upload the file into the Document Links FactBox to update your customer records in the Sales Order Processor.

The OCR service is used to recognise data that includes text e.g. bar codes or cheques. Microsoft Dynamics NAV will then suggest a match within your database. From there, you can upload a bar code or cheque directly into the Document Links FactBox to strengthen your customer records.

Our Document Links Addition makes the compilation of customer records seamless. The Addition is ideal for building a concrete profile of your customers prior to engaging with them. Naturally, you will be able to deliver a greater level of customer service with a vast expanse of knowledge at your disposal.

*(requires a subscription)

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