Accurate landed costs calculations for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The purpose of calculating total landed cost is to capture both obvious and hidden costs within the supply chain. Finding the true cost of a product can improve your decision making on how to get products to the end user in the most cost efficient manner.

Dynamics Additions Landed Costs from Technology Management allows you to calculate expected costs and automatically accrue for them during the goods journey, correctly reflecting them in your Dynamics NAV cash flow projections.

Designed to create financial accruals so your finance team have visibility of expected costs and assign further costs to the item so the item card reflects the true cost – Landed Costs from Dynamics Additions gives you complete visibility and works with standard costings. 

Since these types of charges can make up a significant proportion of the overall cost of the items you import, this simple but effective Dynamics Addition can help you keep on track and in the black…

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