Financial Planning

Isn’t it time you moved on from trying to use from error-prone, labour-intensive Excel spreadsheets to manage your financial planning?

With Technology Management’s integrated business solutions you have the visibility to accurately plan and forecast because all your data is from a single data source – we call it a single version of the truth.

Delivered on your servers or hosted ‘in the cloud’ by Technology Management, our financial planning solution gives you the capability of planning and forecasting, combined with industry-leading accounting/Dynamics ERP, Dynamics CRM and e-business capabilities. You just choose how much functionality you need today.

With functionality that previously cost blue chip giants millions of pounds and months to develop, Technology Management provides a turn-key solution for small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors. You’ll streamline your business processes, improve financial agility and provide your people with the information they need to make more strategic decisions.


  • Cut the time necessary to consolidate data and instead have more time to analyse and act on the information you’re given.
  • Gain dramatically more financial control that’s based on accurate and timely data.
  • Test out “what-if” scenarios and improve the agility of your business.
  • Better manage financial and operational results using real-time dashboards and analytics tools.
  • Cut the time necessary to budget and forecast and plan more accurately based on standardised and centralised data.


Discover more about the ERP system that can be used to create your integrated business management system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV


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