Financial Reporting and Analytics

Is your business suffering from a sea of spreadsheets used to monitor and analyse the financial performance of your business? Tired of so-called business intelligence solutions that are hard to run, expensive and inflexible?

Technology Management’s integrated solutions offer real-time financial dashboards, as well as flexible reporting and analytics that allow you to monitor the health of your business and the productivity of the people working within it. Based on the Microsoft Dynamics suite of software, you can diagnose financial issues fast and drill into the details to find customer, employee or transactional information.

All of Technology Management’s financial management software is available both on your servers and hosted in the cloud by Technology Management, this means your business has the power of choice over how best to use technology to meet your business objectives.


  • Get a real-time view of company and financial performance
  • Close your books faster by eliminating manual reporting processes
  • Eliminate multiple versions of the truth with a single repository of data
  • Empower everyone with fingertip access to key financial measures
  • Gain visibility into business performance from summaries down to the actual live transaction.

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be used to create your integrated business management system.


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