Ordering and Billing

Squeezing the most from your cash flow is a priority for every manufacturer and distributor. The challenge lies in unblocking manual bottlenecks and errors, while smoothing the processes that take a quote to order, to fulfilment, to invoicing and payment.

Technology Management’s world-class Microsoft Dynamics solutions result in getting to revenue faster, with improved operational efficiencies and improved customer satisfaction.

Breaking down departmental barriers, Technology Management’s integrated solution brings together your financial and fulfilment functions to improve quote accuracy, cut billing errors and optimise fulfilment capabilities.

All of Technology Management’s financial management software is available both on your servers and hosted in the cloud by Technology Management, so your business has the power of choice over how best to use technology to meet your business objectives.

With Technology Management, your business benefits from security-controlled transparency for everyone in your business. With Microsoft’s role tailored user interface everyone gains real-time visibility into the progress of orders, the age of invoices, and detailed status and history of each customer – enabling each user to identify bottlenecks and cut the time to resolve problems that could delay invoice payments.


Accelerate cash flow with an integrated quote-to-order-to-cash process across sales and finance.

  • Drive sales by taking control of the quote and order process with integrated approvals, discounting policies, pricing and more.
  • Monitor orders and debtors with real-time dashboards and detail reports.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by introducing the capability of providing self-service access to order and delivery information as well as payments to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Discover more about the ERP system that can be used to create your integrated business management system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


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