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Many people across your business are engaged in supply chain activities—delivering sales or services to customers, shipping products, negotiating with suppliers and trading partners, managing stock or other critical tasks.

Technology Management provides solutions for supply chain management (SCM) that can help connect information from different teams. In doing so, it can help you empower people to perform with optimal productivity, maintain profitable relationships with suppliers and satisfy customers.

With Technology Management’s solutions you can reduce barriers to productivity, efficiency and helps your business deliver what customers want, when they need it. Through integrating supply chain, customer relationship, and financial management, you can stay in firm control of business events and generate the results you are aiming for.

Help your team better control your supply chain

Technology Management’s supply chain management solutions can provide your people with a multitude of ways to plan, co-ordinate and executive delivery of goods and services productively.

With features such as automatic notification, employees can easily track stock, helping sustain optimal item levels without tying up cash in the warehouse. Your team can plan purchasing at favourable terms and in a timely manner while controlling costs.

Technology Management’s supply chain solutions can bring supply chain functions online and make information available for team collaboration. Business portal functionality lets you provide supply chain functions, documents, and information to people across the chain, both inside and outside of the business.

Compete successfully by keeping customers happy

The members of your team who work directly with customers play an essential role in your business. Technology Management’s supply chain management solutions can give those employees the information, capability and control to satisfy customers and strengthen your company’s competitive advantage.

Once information is entered into your integrated business management solution, it’s accessible where it’s needed. No matter whether your employees are in shipping, the warehouse, or sales are serving customers—they can do so with fewer delays and distractions than finding information in a disconnected system.

Using Technology Management’s portal solutions, you can offer collaborative business capabilities in a secure manner to individuals inside and outside of your business. Connect people and processes across companies at the convenience of a Web browser or their desktops for optimal supply chain management productivity.

Tighten distribution processes

Technology Management’s supply chain management solutions can help you respond faster to customer demands and gain an important competitive advantage. You can help keep profits from leaking away by improving productivity.


Technology Management’s warehouse solutions can help you significantly reduce data entry and save hours of time and manage stock more efficiently. For example, you can set up automatic daily purchasing tasks and transfer quotes, orders and back orders into fulfilment orders - those in turn transition fulfilment orders into invoices and shipping labels. You could further set automatic warnings when stock falls below minimum acceptable shelf life rules.

With Technology Management’s distribution solutions, when employees key in a sales order, they can get access to the latest information in your database about price, product specifications and stock levels. If needed, they can find alternatives and aid in keeping your customers satisfied.

Explore Technology Management’s supply chain management solution

Technology Management’s business management solution covers the full spectrum of needs for small and medium-sized businesses in the warehouse and distribution sectors. We can handle the implementation and can fine-tune the software technology to your requirements.

The product provides functionality to automate and help you improve supply chain management processes, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


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