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How do I buy Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 will be readily available in two versions.

  • Dynamics 365 Business Edition
    Aimed at organisations who employ 5-250 people.
  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition
    Aimed at organisations whose headcount exceeds 250 users.

Dynamics 365 will be sold in the UK by subscription and licensed on a named user basis - and much like Office 365 is now, users will be able to access the suite via multiple locations and devices.

Users will be licensed as "Full User" or "Light User". A "Full User" will be using the software for processes and day-to-day business activities, whereas a "Light User" is aimed more at managers and directors who will want to view top level information for a monitoring and reporting basis.

When can I get it?

At this time, we expect Dynamics 365 (for Financials & Opeartions) to be generally available for the UK market in early Summer 2018.


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