Introductory seminars

Webinar: How to build customer trust with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Tuesday, 31st March 2020, 10:00am - 11:30am

When your customers lose confidence in you, it can start to feel like the beginning of the end. To avoid this, you need to be providing your customers with a consistent, relevant and personalised experience.

Your customers' trust won’t suddenly blossom because you were particularly helpful one time, or if they liked a blog post you’ve written. It comes from delivering answers when your customers need you most, not once or twice, but over and over again.

Dynamics 365 CRM is the ideal solution that will help you to build a consistent level of trust and confidence with your customers. It’s time that you put an end to:

  • An internal game of Chinese whispers that just end up annoying your customer
  • Not knowing enough about the history of the issues your customer has faced
  • Sending the wrong product or person to the wrong place at the wrong time

We know that you know acquiring a new customer can cost you five times as much as retaining an existing one, but do you do enough to keep them? The probability of conversion between the two, is also enough to make your heart skip a beat. New customers convert at a rate of 5-20% while existing customers buy at a rate of 60-70% according to Microsoft. So why would you dismiss the importance of a best-in-class CRM solution to keep you firing on all cylinders?

With one centralised solution, you will spend less time scrambling around looking for information, less time firefighting and more time taking your relationship to the next level.

Dynamics 365 CRM is an integral business tool will make sure the customer experience you deliver keeps your customers away from the competition.

Every company needs some form of CRM, so there is no need to kid yourself. It’s a tool you should never start the day without.

If you’ve dropped the ball with a customer, or even a prospective client (be honest) in the last 12 months, think about how you can avoid that again, and how Dynamics 365 CRM is the solution perfectly suited to building trust with your customer.