Webinar: Digitally sell and serve more than ever with Dynamics 365 CRM

Webinar: Digitally sell and serve more than ever with Dynamics 365 CRM

From 20th Oct 2020 10:00am until 20th Oct 2020 11:30am

Location Online Webinar

Categories: Introductory seminars

Tags: Dynamics 365 CRM

In the ever-changing world we all live in, there is one constant, your customers want to remain connected with you from anywhere, at any time. If you feel like you're struggling to stay in control of customer relationships, we can help!

It's fair to say, virtual activities are now going to be part of the norm, and you may not see colleagues and customers as regularly, face-to-face as you have done previously for a while. 

With a cloud solution, you will be able to digitally sell and serve no matter where you and your customers are and importantly, anyone in the business, no matter where they are, can understand the customer 360 with a quick log in to Dynamics 365 Sales & Customer Service apps.

The solution offers:

When working remotely, it’s very easy to now get lots of activities booked in, because you don’t have the travel time, therefore it's arguably more efficient to speak to more customers than ever before. What value does this have unless you have somewhere to manage those interactions? Your customers crave insight and Dynamics 365 CRM will provide you with one version of the truth, so you can deliver across the board.