28 June 2019

Are disparate spreadsheets causing chaos in your Consumer Goods company?

Formulated by Zak

Is Excel becoming a thorn in your side? If so, it’s time to eradicate the countless disparate spreadsheets you have littered across your business.

Don’t get us wrong, Excel can be a phenomenal tool for analysing the trends in your data with pivot table’s etc. The fact is, Excel isn’t an all-encompassing tool you should be abusing to log all your purchase orders, invoices, pricing, promotions and other vital customer data.

Excel leaves you at the mercy of human error

Duplication, triplication and not one reliable version of the truth will only create uncertainty when dealing with your customers. Just one wrong digit entered on an Excel spreadsheet has the potential to leave you in trouble.

If you’re thinking, what’s the worst that could happen? Kodak once vastly miscalculated the severance pay accrued by one employee because there were too many zeroes added to the employee’s accrued severance in Excel… $11 million worth. The company were forced to add $9 million to their third-quarter loss whilst atoning for the error.

That was quite an extreme example, but the point rings true. If you enter one wrong digit on a customer-specific demand, you’ll be the embarrassed one that will have to ring-up and try to justify or even blindly argue the demand you’ve agreed. Ultimately, leading you to burn bridges and burn through your cash in the process.

Dynamics Consumer Goods will centralise all your critical information

A lot of companies that we meet also tend to have an ‘Excel guru’ or at the very least someone tasked with the responsibility of managing the vast expanse of complicated spreadsheets. Where do you begin to look to find (x) purchase order when the Excel guru is busy topping up their tan in Marbella?

You can’t give everyone access to the same spreadsheet, otherwise you enter the realms of a spreadsheet disaster waiting to happen. With Dynamics Consumer Goods, you can set specific permissions to certain roles to ensure only one person or department can access or edit (x) information.

Dynamics Consumer Goods will provide your staff with the platform to focus on more strategic tasks that can enhance your business output and allows them to work from anywhere, at any time. Our fully integrated solution will help to virtualise the manual tasks your staff have grown tired of completing and remove the stress associated with multiple disparate spreadsheets with one centralised view of all your business data.

Your opportunity to learn all about Dynamics Consumer Goods

Dynamics Consumer Goods is our tailored offer of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to provide a complete end-to-end business software solution for Consumer Goods manufacturers and distributors.

Some of our key Consumer Goods industry clients include Aden+Anais, Consuma Paper Products, Dalebrook Supplies, Grafton International, Jura Products, Net World Sports, Novomatic UK, Rosewood Pet Products, Wild and Wolf and the Company of Animals.  

If you wish to learn more, book your FREE ticket to our introductory webinar on Wednesday 17th July from 10:00am to 11:00am: ‘Managing EDI, Amazon and eBay orders with Dynamics Consumer Goods’.

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