16 October 2019

Capitalise on successful promotions in the Consumer Goods industry

Formulated by Zak

As a Consumer Goods manufacturer, it’s typical to be driven by two major goals: pleasing your customers and matching the retailers demand for your product.

The holiday seasons are the prime time that you’ll be under the spotlight to match those demands. It’s no surprise, as all your competitors are playing the game and will be releasing promotions galore to drive up their sales.

As a result, it’s a smart idea to follow suit and start releasing promotions of your own. However, it’s only a great idea if you can nail your promotions management and accurately keep track of all your costs and margins.

It’s time to stop managing your promotions in Excel

The thought of managing a mass promotional campaign in Excel gives us the shivers. There is no way that anybody in your business can confidently say with a straight face that all the data that resides on an Excel spreadsheet is 100% accurate and consistent. If by some miracle it’s not error-strewn, it still won’t be linked to all your other data.

If a customer rings you up and asks: “Can you tell me how much I’ll be charged when placing an order and the quantity required to meet the next price break?” Panic stations will be in action, as you scramble to find the correct spreadsheet, before providing a potentially incorrect answer that may have been duplicated.

Using Dynamics Consumer Goods to handle all your promotions

Dynamics Consumer Goods will put a definitive end to the stress associated with managing vital customer information in Excel. You’ll have the flexibility to handle any form of promotion – we know the industry isn’t as simple as buy one get one free – whether that be customer-specific or generic.

With automatic promotions and pricing logic, you’ll be the beneficiary of a significant reduction in both admin and time. All your pricing updates will be automated, which eradicates the need for your staff to have a razor-sharp memory to remember all your customers key information.

Learn more about promotions in Dynamics Consumer Goods

Had enough of the systems that are leaving your promotions in disarray? Join us on Wednesday 6th November from 10:00am – 11:00am, where we’ll be discussing promotions, as well as, how you can get stock out the door quickly and accurately with Dynamics Consumer Goods.

From the comfort of your desk, you can explore a fresh system that will help elevate you above the competition. It’s time to say goodbye to the solution that’s been holding you back!


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