16 June 2020

Gain valuable Contact Insights with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dropped in Dynamics 365 CRM

Formulated by Zak

What are you trying to achieve with your marketing efforts? Are you just trying to hit 50 attendees to satisfy a KPI? Or, are you trying to attract a targeted audience with a vested interest in your product?

There is a distinct difference between the two and only one of them is going to count for your business. Your target audience are the people that truly matter. They are the people that your Sales, Finance and Customer Services team all have a chance of meeting when they become a customer – as opposed to the Contact who is here to soak up your content and hit the hay.

Drill into your data with a fully integrated system

Dynamics 365 Marketing will enable you to create exceptional experiences and drive your qualified opportunities with your sales and marketing applications on the same platform. Your customers and prospects are no longer just rows on an Excel spreadsheet. Instead, you can gauge their interest in every future Marketing campaign that you are set to run.

In this blog series, we’ll go through the variety of Insights you can check out in Dynamics 365 Marketing that can help you to identify new opportunities for your business. Here, we will examine a snippet of what we can learn from exploring the Insights at a Contact level.

An overview of how your Contacts interact with your content

The Interactions Timeline will allow you to see when you’ve sent an email to this Contact, when it has been delivered, when it has been opened and when the email was clicked. The timeline will also show you, that within 5 minutes of the email landing in this Contact’s inbox that they were engaging with the link that we had sent to them. Great, but there is more we can have a look at…

Diving deeper with Email Interactions

We can also see which emails that the Contact has frequently opened and when. Thankfully for us, it was our Sofa Summit II 48-hour reminder emails!

So, how does this translate to your business? Let’s just imagine you have a new promo, the good old buy-one-get-one-free. You’ll be able to discern two things from this so far: a) a targeted Contact has opened and seen your offer and b) they keep on checking your email out.

Keeping tabs on their Customer Journey

Can you see exactly which link the Contact is engaging with? Sure.

If we visit the clicked email links, we can now see the link display name and the original link of where this will have sent your Contact, again with the timestamp included. From your point-of-view, this will prove invaluable when you want to analyse who is checking out and clicking your offers.

Helping you to understand your Contacts interests

Dynamics 365 Marketing will provide your marketing & sales team with the insight they need to make informed decisions which accurately reflect the interests of your Contacts. Effectively, you will never have to take a shot in the dark again at who has a vested interest in what you are promoting – you will know.

If you would like to learn more about the extensive capabilities of Dynamics 365 CRM, please feel free to come and engage with our team of experts on Wednesday 15th July at our exclusive CRM Sofa Summit.

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