01 June 2018

Make the most of your software investment with our Dynamics Platform Specialist team

Dropped in Dynamics 365 ERP

James Crowter
Formulated by James Crowter

As both the managing director of Technology Management and a Microsoft MVP, I have been fortunate enough to witness the evolution of Microsoft Dynamics into the slick business management solution that we all love and use every day. As a result, I have absorbed a wealth of Dynamics information that is ultimately used for the greater benefit of your business.

I recently made the decision to create a new Dynamics Platform Specialist team to operate in the “twilight zone” of where our Dynamics NAV application support ends and IT Support begins. Following a wealth of great feedback to this news, it seems appropriate to clarify the capabilities and level of service now available to you with the support of this team.

Importance of our Dynamics Platform Specialist team

Our Platform Team won’t just resolve any issues you have around connection, authentication & passwords, performance, integrations etc. but will also facilitate all your users having maximum availability by safely enabling the phone, tablet and web browser clients. Just one instance of being able to get the information you need from source while out and about, could make a great difference for both your staff and customers.

Making sure you have the best use of your Dynamics system

Dynamics has progressed and there are now capabilities that we could only dream of just a couple of years ago. Look down the list here and ask your account manager to book the Platform Team if you see anything that you’re not utilising:

  • Authentication: Who doesn’t have a nightmare with too many different passwords? If you use Office 365, we can show you how to setup two factor authentication (texting a number to your mobile) or just a secure password policy. This helps give users who should have access an easy time, but also makes sure your most sensitive business data stays safe.
  • Mobile Apps: Who hasn’t been asked a question when they are away from their desk and needed to check Dynamics for the answer? Well there is now an App that can be installed on your phone or tablet with just a quick visit to either the Apple or Google Appstore. We’re confident that once your users have tried it they won’t go without it. All you need, is to make sure your Dynamics system is internet facing and have a quick guide on the single connection parameter. Yes, you’re right, the Platform Team can do both of those for you.
  • Click Once Installer: Your users still prefer the Windows Client, right? So, how do we make deploying the client as easy as if they used the Web Client? Our recommendation is that the Platform Team create a web page that has a single link that will install everything required onto any machine they click from. This will pass down the connection parameters so that just a few seconds after that click, the application is up and running and asking for their credentials.
    Every time they launch the software it checks for updates, so you’ll never have to visit each machine again. A new laptop can be sorted for new users without your help, whatever time of day it is. They have no wait, you have no hassle. How does that sound?
  • Web Client: You should make new users utilise the Web Client, as it has advantages over the Windows Client now. And if they’ve never used Windows before then don’t waste time starting them off on it now. For remote users, using a mobile data connection will be faster. If Microsoft get their way, in a few years we will all be using the Web Client. Publishing it securely and making it part of your Office 365 portal, means it’s readily available whenever and wherever anyone needs it.
  • Online OData & Web Services Integration: Without getting too technical, these are the up to date secure ways to get data from your system and connect it to other systems. OData has replaced ODBC and lets you pull your Dynamics data into lots of other apps including Excel, while still respecting the security rules setup in your core Dynamics app. Published using a URL, they allow systems with the right credentials and permissions to be accessed from anywhere. Imagine providing your customers with a real-time feed to your inventory availability and cost direct from your Dynamics system, only for the SKU’s they are allowed to see for instance? Yes, the Platform Team can help you do that.
  • Microsoft Flow: Microsoft’s vision is to provide the complete toolset for your business needs and to do that they’ve recently introduced Microsoft Flow as a ‘point and click’ workflow tool. What that means, is your wish that your system could ‘do that when this happens’ is no longer a costly development project. It can already connect to hundreds of applications and data sources including your Dynamics system. We’re still exploring its full capabilities and the Platform Team are leading our charge to find the killer benefit that will make it ‘a must use’ tool. Watch this space, as you’re going to hear much more about Flow in the future.
  • PowerApps: Have you ever wished you could publish a mobile app that was driven by data from Dynamics but been put off by the cost? Well PowerApps is a new tool in the Dynamics family that allows simple configuration to publish your app. Again, its new but we think it has huge potential and our Platform Team are skilling up on just what it can do. If you have information you need to capture or reference on the move, it’s something you should definitely look at so feel free to give us a call.

Our team is here to support your Dynamics journey

Dynamics is the indispensable tool at your fingertips to enhance your employee performance, reduce costs and ultimately increase profitability. With a strengthened services and support offering, we want to do our utmost to facilitate a great relationship between you and your business system.

We are totally committed to supporting your organisation’s business software solution, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to give me or your account manager a call.

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  • Alfredo I
    On 6 June 2018, Alfredo I replied:

    Hi James,
    I have been looking at Power Apps and Microsoft Flow for a while and I also agree they are a powerful tool if paired with Dynamics NAV.

    I don't see any scheduled courses about those subjects. Is this something you plan do offer to your customers? If yes I might consider this for our IT team.

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