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07 March 2019

Clever Document Delivery available for Dynamics 365 Business Central on AppSource

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James Pearson
Formulated by James Pearson

Excuse me while a wipe a small, nostalgic tear from my eye.

Clever Document Delivery is where this journey began for me. We wanted a simple solution - built in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 - for generating documents to send to recipients as email attachments. Inspired by the Microsoft marketing regime that brought us such utilitarian names as "Internet Explorer", "Windows" and "Word" we called it "Document Delivery".

Six years and millions of processed documents later we are proud to announce that Clever Document Delivery is now available on AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In that time we've added significant depth to its functionality while remaining true to the "I just want to select some records and send them out" simplicity design goal. No additional software to license and install, Clever Document Delivery is built entirely within Dynamics 365 Business Central and works wherever you do: in the cloud, on-premise, in the browser or in the app.

  • Support for all major document types: quotes, orders, invoices, remittances, statements, reminders...
  • Simply highlight the record(s) that you want to send and click on Send Email
  • View all the records that have been submitted and processed in the Document Log
  • Clever Document Types define the sender and recipient details, email body and attachments
  • Optionally preview and edit the email and attachments before sending
  • Import additional PDF attachments to include on emails
  • Merge terms and conditions to the back of your Dynamics 365 Business Central reports
  • Watermark your reports with a PDF of your company stationery
  • Add password protection with a unique password per customer or vendor
  • Use Document Fields to easily retrieve values from any table to include in the Document Type logic

Store the documents that have been created securely in the Dynamics 365 Business Central database or use Clever Document Links to store the attachments in SharePoint and link them to the original record.


If you're interested in this App, you can get it right now on the Microsoft AppSource store by clicking here or learn more on the Clever Dynamics website.

Enhanced on 19 Mar 2019