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JURA Products Ltd

Industry: Manufacturing

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Dynamics NAV

Since 1931, JURA has been manufacturing innovative high-end household appliances. As a pioneer in the field of automatic espresso/coffee machines, JURA is a well-known brand in the European household appliance sector.

"All our processes are vastly improved. I love Dynamics NAV."Anton Dreyer, IT Manager, JURA Products Ltd

JURA, headquartered in Switzerland, distributes their products through the finest retailers such as Selfridges, John Lewis and Harrods in the UK. JURA also offers professional solutions for the office and foodservice sectors with unbeatable value.

As a major brand, JURA is alert to changing market trends and uses in-depth sales analysis – by geography, design style, purchase method (online vs. offline) etc. to help drive its growth and continued success. With plans to increase market penetration in the UK in line with the growing popularity of coffee over tea, JURA were focused on how they could implement the right business analysis and reporting tools in the UK to achieve the success they have already experienced in the rest of Europe.

Running on dated, heavily customised software, JURA lacked a single view of UK company performance. Zero integration of systems between JURA and suppliers meant tiresome replication of work and poor visibility as a result of ineffective reporting tools.

Anton Dreyer, IT Manager for JURA UK, passionately describes the JURA brand as “the Rolls Royce of the coffee world. Beautiful, elegant design and superior quality are equal requirements when it comes to making these brilliantly engineered machines”, and it’s that ethos and attention to detail that led JURA to team up with Technology Management and implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Choosing the right blend...

With Dynamics NAV already in use at its Swiss Head Office, and throughout many of its worldwide operations, JURA embarked on a selection process to find a Microsoft Dynamics partner to support a UK roll-out.

Out of a short list of five companies, Technology Management stood out from the start – with their attention to detail and focus on truly understanding JURA’s business goals and project objectives.

Waking up and smelling the coffee...

As a result of implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV in their UK operations, JURA has:

"Open, honest and straightforward throughout –and so focused on our business goals. Communication with Technology Management couldn’t have been easier."Anton Dreyer, IT Manager, JURA Products Ltd
  • Dramatically increased efficiency for every department
    “The fundamental logic of Dynamics NAV is efficiency itself” says Anton – “to tab or enter to save and move on to the next field saves our teams time at every stage, in every department. All our system interactions are quicker; information goes in once and is available to all, instantaneously”.
  • Simplified product tracking with integrated barcoding
    Barcodes on every JURA coffee machine, integrated into Dynamics NAV, has helped JURA improve traceability in both its sales and after sales departments. Barcodes have truly simplified the entire customer process as each unique code is tied to information in Dynamics NAV on the individual product, the product owner and its complete product history.
  • Gained impressive data insight
    “Dynamics NAV and Jet Reports combined is an information explosion“ adds Anton.
    Visibility has been greatly improved throughout the organisation. Now JURA can easily drill into the details of all its sales and operations. End of week and end of month reports are set up to run automatically enabling the UK to share data effectively and easily with the operations, sales, customer service, accounts and management teams.
  • Removed the headache from payment integration
    “The SagePay integration has more than halved our process times.”
    Previously the JURA payment system for telephone orders was manual with a constant need to manually duplicate customer payment details. Now with Dynamics NAV and SagePay integration the process is efficient, secure and seamless.

Words cannot expresso...

Here at Technology Management, we are thrilled with how Microsoft Dynamics NAV has enabled JURA to streamline their business. We have built a great relationship with JURA, and in the words of Anton, the entire project from kick-off to go-live was a true “testament of how great teamwork can pay off.”

If you are interested in how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help your business, get in touch with us today.

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