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The challenge of operating profitably in an integrated supply chain

Distributors and wholesalers focus on maintaining optimal stock levels, facilitating the quick movement of goods, delivering exceptional customer service and offering unparalleled technical/product expertise.

But as customer demands evolve distributors also need to provide more value-added services. Capabilities such as online ordering/self-service, next day or same-day delivery, technical training, product kitting/final assembly, OTIF (on time and in full) reporting and integration to third-party logistics (TPL/3PL) are now needed to embed yourself in your customer's operations further and minimise the chance that your customers take their business elsewhere.

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Now is the time to grow your distribution and wholesale business with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Many small and mid-sized distributors reach a tipping point when the very tools that supported early business growth start to become a cumbersome block to insight and decision-making.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & Customer Engagement from Technology Management you can change your multiple, disjointed systems into one single solution and make ordering, selling, invoicing and reporting easier and faster.

With integrated hand-held devices in the warehouse, you can boost efficiency with system directed stock movements and up-to-the-second visibility of stock availability. With capabilities for shipment management, shipping agent integration and kitting, preparing final assemblies, warehouse shipments and communicating directly with 3PLs becomes effortless and hassle-free.

Our integrated eCommerce solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central enables your customers to place orders in their own time; which means more convenience for them and less time and effort for you and your team.

If your distribution or wholesale business is searching for more consistent business processes, management information you can rely on and greater operational control, discover more about Dynamics 365 Business Central now.

Interested in Dynamics 365 Business Central?

If you're in the distribution and wholesale industries and want to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, get in touch with us and learn more about a business system that shows you real-time data you can finally trust.

Tecman Talks Dynamics | The no-nonsense Podcast for businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365

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