Delving Deeper into Delivered!

Delivered! is a new way of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud – exclusively for companies in the distribution industry. Using our unrivalled industry experience we’ve developed our Delivered! implementation methodology, so you can be up and running with Dynamics 365 Business Central faster and for a fixed price

Sound good? Want to know more about what you’ll get if you implement Dynamics 365 Business Central with Delivered!?

Standard Dynamics 365 Business Central Features

Below are all the functions included within Dynamics 365 Business Central that are implemented as part of Delivered!, they are split into functional groups which are then explored deeper to show you exactly what you can do with your new business system.  



From chart of accounts, deferrals, balance sheets and much more. Everything is here to help you to keep on top of your financial ins and outs.

Pre-defined Chart of Accounts

  • Account Categories 
  • Account Subcategories 

Accounting Periods

Cost Centres, Departments & other Dimensions

General Journals

  • Recurring Journals 
  • Reversing Journals 
  • Journal Approval Workflow 

VAT Processing and Reporting

  • Standard VAT Statement 
  • Making Tax Digital 

Inventory Integration with the G/L

Single Currency (£)


  • Balance Sheet 
  • Income Statement 
  • Goods Received not Invoiced 


Everything you need to quote and sell to your customers, control your shipments and arrange returns with ease.


  • Customer Templates
  • Contacts
  • Customer Delivery Address List
  • Pricing (Customer/Customer Group)
  • Discounts (Customer/Customer Group)
  • Sales People
  • Shipping Information



Blanket Orders

  • Recurring Sales Lines
  • Customer Item Numbers
  • Substitutions
  • Item Charges
  • Archiving
  • Sales Approval Workflow



Control your purchasing all in one place. From blanket orders, to receipting, vendor management and much more – it’s all here.


  • Contacts
  • Prices & Discounts
  • Purchasers



Blanket Orders

  • Recurring Purchase Lines
  • Supplier Item No.
  • Substitutions
  • Item Charges
  • Archiving
  • Purchase Approval Workflow



Manage your inventory and ensure that your warehouse runs smoothly with real-time stock insights.


  • Item Approval Workflow
  • Item Categories
  • Item Attributes
  • Service Items
  • First in First Out (FIFO), Standard and Average Costing Method


  • Own warehouse/3rd party/transit
  • Bins with Stock Locations

Pick your Extra Packs

All seamlessly integrated to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Make EDI trading a breeze. With stacks of existing EDI trading partners from Aldi, Asda, Amazon & Argos to BSS, City Plumbing, Costco, eBay, Grafton, Screwfix, Staples, Travis Perkins, Viovet and Westcoast (plus a whole load more), our Clever EDI app has got you covered for orders and invoices alike! 
£3,200 implementation
£220 per month 1
Drive up warehouse efficiency and provide up-to-the-second information on stock availability, directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central, with our Clever WMS Devices app, available on your handheld (or even hands-free!) barcode scanner of choice. 
£3,000 implementation
£107.90 per device, per month 2
Boost sales with an online shopping experience for your customers with Dynamics 365 Business Central’s free, in-built connector to Shopify. Synchronise orders, stock and customer details for fast and accurate order fulfilment. Streamline your order processing and better serve your customers!
£2,000 implementation
FREE licence cost 3

Stop inaccurate landed cost calculations eating into your profit margins on your imported items. Keep track of all transport costs, customs & duties, insurance, currency conversions and more directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central 

£2,000 implementation
£125 per month 


This pack includes all the functionality you need to forecast cash flow, maintain control over costs using G/L budgets, have a thorough overview of your accounts using dimensional analysis to see, for example, sales by area and some extra Business Central financial reporting capabilities.

£2,000 implementation
FREE already included in licence cost

Financial reporting in a familiar environment! Quickly and easily generate timely & accurate financial reports, right inside of Excel. Real-time data, directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central, in flexible, easy to use layouts you love! 

£2,000 implementation
£1,755 per annum 4


Track your fixed assets, such as equipment or property. Keep an eye on any expenses accrued for these assets and easily assign percentage costs to the department or project. Easily track insurance coverage and premiums and make accurate renewal and disposal decisions by recording maintenance expenses.

£2,300 implementation
FREE already included in licence cost


Never again chase employees for expense receipts! Using the Expense Management portal or app they can quickly snap the receipt on the go which then links directly with your Business Central system.

£3,200 implementation
£7 per user per month 6

A collection of essential apps that makes entering, finding, storing, sending and printing information, easier, quicker and more accurate in Dynamics 365 Business Central. To top it off, it adds the credit rules and follow-up you need to take the risk out of your customer accounts. 

FREE implementation
FREE monthly licence cost 5

Own Chart of Accounts

Our own Chart of Accounts have been developed by certified professionals to fully support your operations. However, this pack gives you the option to use your own COAs to categorise your transactions & group together similar accounts for financial reporting, as you are used to.

£3,300 implementation
FREE already included in licence cost

1 Implementation and monthly cost based on 2 trading partners and between 501-5000 EDI transactions per month. ASN's are not included. Pricing for different numbers of trading partners and EDI transactions available on request
2 Per device cost includes Dynamics 365 Business Central device license, Clever WMS Devices license, MobiControl license & support
3 Customer needs to have their own Shopify Licence and design template set up. Implementation is for 1 company only.
Based on Jet Reports Foundation Pack
5 Includes Clever Document Delivery, Clever Document Links, Clever Credit, Clever Search, Clever Validation, Clever PrintNode & Clever Comments. Free monthly licence cost in year 1, £125 per month in year 2
Based 5 users on Continia Expense Management Active Expense Users Licence with Features Modules (mileage and credit card transactions) 

PLEASE NOTE: If Clever WMS Devices plus 1 other pack is added to your implementation, it will add an additional 1 month to your project timeframe i.e. 5 months instead of 4 months. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central Licensing

Everyone who’s going to be using Dynamics 365 Business Central needs a licence to use the software. But don’t worry, Business Central licensing is straightforward and easy to understand. Simply put, you just pay for what you need for each user on a monthly subscription.

Licensing for Dynamics 365 Business Central in the Cloud


Business Central Essentials Licence + Support

The majority of your users will be named users that can access every part of the system using a Dynamics 365 Business Central “Essentials” licence.

There is no need to upgrade to a “Premium” licence as that’s for companies who also manufacture.


per user, per month 1

Business Central Team Member Licence + support

You may want to add one or two Team Member Licences for people who simply want to view information, reports or dashboards.

However, its read-only access to all data with the exceptions of scenarios such as expense entry or updating contacts.


per user, per month 1


Business Central Device Licence + support

For those all-important barcode scanners in the warehouse, you’ll need a Dynamics 365 Business Central device licence. 

With our barcode scanning app Clever WMS Devices, they’ll deliver up-to-the-second stock availability plus increased warehouse efficiency and capacity.


per device, per month 1&2

1 The price includes unlimited break-fix helpdesk support, assuming 10 users. For more users price breaks apply for the support element.
2 The cost of the Device license is included in our barcode scanning app

Other Licensing Considerations for Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Length of contract. The above pricing is based on a 12 month contract period with 24 and 36 month contract periods also available. For an additional cost, there is also a 30 day rolling contract. 
  • A Dynamics 365 subscription (aka Office 365) is required so you make the most of all the amazing Microsoft integrations with Outlook, Excel & Teams.  
  • Our Delivered! implementation approach is only available for distribution companies licensing between 7 and 25 users. 


You have heard all about the great features you get with Delivered! our fixed price, fixed outcome implementation method for the distribution industry, as well as being informed of the licensing information you need to get started.

You will now be wondering how this is all implemented! Our implementation timeline can be found below. It outlines every month of the implementation, what happens, by who and when.


Is Delivered! the perfect fit for your business?

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