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Microsoft Dynamics is a great all-encompassing system that helps your business worry less and get on with the day-to-day – let’s keep it that way!

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Become NAV Happy

Work with us and get decades of best-practice on your side.

We've implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions for over 20 years – so we know a thing or two about the complexity of major IT projects and how the digital transformation could impact your business.

With each of our projects getting a team of dedicated consultants to help you on your journey and staying with you through to Go-Live and your first month end – we won’t leave you in the dark.

We're so good at what we do, we're no stranger to businesses coming to us after having failed implementations and broken promises elsewhere.

Stay NAV Happy

Streamline your use of Dynamics NAV, and as the product evolves, we'll be there to help your business and users stay ahead of the competition.

We will work with you – to help you drive your success in line with your ambitions. Our team consists of experienced and talented project architects that will sit with you for strategic reviews to help map out how your Dynamics NAV investment can continue to support you.

And while you grow, we'll also do what we do best - developing our skills in-house, so we can always offer you the most forward-thinking and innovative solutions – be those directly from Microsoft or from our own team.


Perks of life with us

Life with us is a stable and reliable one. We put our customers first and that means setting up a framework which you can rely on so that you can focus on running your business instead of your systems.

Say goodbye to

Long term contracts that last for years - or in some cases, for decades. You're stuck and wanting to get out.

Say hello to

We don't need to lock you into a long-term contract like some partners, renew annually - if you want to.

Say hello to

You won't be passed from pillar to post - we'll give you one familiar point of contact who will know you and your business.

Say goodbye to

You call up your existing Partner and never get through to the same person and are tired of explaining the same things repeatedly.

Say goodbye to

Your business has ground to a halt and you've no one to get your systems back online as everyone's gone home.

Say hello to

10 hours a day of support as standard from 8am to 6pm - Monday to Friday. If you need it, we've 24/7 support available on top.

Say hello to

Free monthly workshops to explore new areas within Dynamics NAV to help your business and system users.

Say goodbye to

Difficult to use, complicated business systems and no route to training up your users when someone leaves.

Say goodbye to

Facing costly consultancy day rates for basic and essential training that are weeks or even months ahead.

Say hello to

To keep you and your business users ahead of the competition, we'll include free scheduled courses with every contract.*

Say hello to

Enhance your Microsoft Dynamics implementation without the need for expensive ground-up development.

Say goodbye to

Your Partner's made tonnes of bespoke development to your Dynamics NAV system resulting in costly upgrades.

Say goodbye to

Your Partner rarely updates you - not about them, or the world of Dynamics NAV - and they bill you for the pleasure.

Say hello to

We provide our customers with various briefings and seminars throughout the year - and you'll never pay extra for it.

Say hello to

Free minor developments - pay nothing for changes/developments to your Dynamics NAV system.

Say goodbye to

Paying for every small change made to your system - it all adds up.

Say goodbye to

A Partner that has no idea when the latest version of Dynamics NAV is available nor the featured changes that affect your business.

Say hello to

A Partner ahead of the game, giving direct input to the future of Dynamics NAV - and we're the only Partner with 8 years of TAP**.

* Availability and number of free courses are subject to terms and conditions, ask us for details.

** For Dynamics NAV in the UK.

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