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Lloyd Pascal: Client Case Study

Lloyd Pascal Ltd

Industry: Manufacturing

Solutions: Pegasus Opera II

"Opera II is full of fantastic functionality, but it’s the simple things that everyday users find most effective – for instance, the ability to open more than one screen at a time. Previously we had to close down each screen and re-open another which was not only time consuming but very frustrating. In addition, the ability to customise these screens is very valuable; it felt like the software was working with us rather than us having to fit round, and be limited by a rigid system;Winnie Mills, Office Manager

Formed in 1919, Lloyd Pascal has a rich history of manufacturing numerous and varied products.

From brass castings, including railway carriagefittings and seaside novelties in their early years, parts for Rolls Royce aircraft engines, gliders and tanks during WWII and more recently bathroom and fireside accessories. The company has built successful relationships with DIY groups, mail-order companies and department stores throughout the UK; their customers include Argos, Wickes, Homebase and B&Q.

While achieving significant growth in recent years with an expanding salesforce and a manufacturing plant opening in the Far East, Lloyd Pascal decided it would be to their advantage to change their DOS software to a modern Windows-based product. They needed a solution that would accommodate their growth and provide remote access across the globe to support sites both in the UK and abroad.

"documents previously had to be printed, posted and filed. Now they are e-mailed direct to the relevant people and stored electronically so they can access them immediately and whenever required. We have literally saved thousands of pounds in printing and postage costs and it’s also encouraged a paperless office;Winnie Mills, Office Manager

The Solution

Lloyd Pascal considered both Pegasus Opera II and Exchequer Enterprise before deciding upon Opera II as their financial and business solution. A previous user of Opera, Lloyd Pascal felt Opera II was familiar and extremely user-friendly. In addition, importing data into Opera II is quick and easy, functionality that Lloyd Pascal welcomed. When considering Opera II, Lloyd Pascal recognised the benefits that many of the impressive features could bring to their business, in particular XRL (eXcel Reporting Layer).

"XRL is fantastic! It’s more than halved the time it used to take us to manually re-key data and now we can be confident that our figures are accurate without having to check and re-check;Winnie Mills, Office Manager

Solution Benefits

Lloyd Pascal was pleased with the implementation of Opera II - the transition proved straightforward and painless. The data was quickly migrated with the sophisticated import facility, and it was business as usual almost immediately. And as little training was required, Lloyd Pascal employees were soon using the system in the day to day running of the company. Lloyd Pascal noticed the benefits of Opera II almost instantly. Winnie Mills, Office Manager, explains:

"Opera II was certainly money well spent; we have reaped enormous benefits in both time and financial savings, allowing us to redirect our resources and add more value to the company. Using the most recent technology has made us look more professional and ultimately made the company more efficient. Importantly, we are continuing to move forward. Keeping up to date with the latest technologies is easy as new functionality is added to Opera II all the time – functionality we gain as standard whenever we upgrade to the latest version;Winnie Mills, Office Manager

With offices in the UK and Far East, together with international customers, Lloyd Pascal also reaped the benefits of the electronic functionality in Opera II. Whether it is customer invoices or internal reports, these can be e-mailed direct from the software. Winnie continues:

It’s with XRL that Lloyd Pascal has seen the most notable changes. They have always been a fan of the spreadsheet, utilising this tool for reports and sales forecasts; however, recently they started to use them more and more. XRL is an intuitive addition to the capabilities of Excel, which provides access to live data within Opera II. It’s flexible and easy to use with advanced drill down capabilities and delivers fast and accurate information – enhanced analytical power that Lloyd Pascal quickly embraced. Winnie enthuses:

"Technology Management has been very supportive. Their staff are extremely friendly, always take ownership of any issues we may have and communicate to us every step of the way;Winnie Mills, Office Manager

Partner Connection

Pegasus delivers Opera II through a network of Certified Partners. Lloyd Pascal chose Technology Management, a Gold Certified Pegasus Partner based in Wolverhampton. Winnie explains:


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