Despite the fact that visualising the project plan with a Gantt chart is common practice precisely in the project management, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers no project visualisation whatsoever.

Although you could export data from Dynamics NAV and use external products to visualise them, that's not the most suitable way since you would have to deal with two applications.

Besides, when using this method, it often happens that it is only the project reporting that will be realised and not the interactive project planning according to the available capacities.

Gantt Add-in

Those deficits are the gap that the Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (2013 R2, 2013, 2009 R2) wants to fill: as an add-in completely integrating in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and visualising all job data (jobs, job tasks, job planning lines) from the Jobs Module as Gantt chart.

Interactive Project Planning

The Visual Job Scheduler not only offers an overview of the jobs but also of the scheduled resources, letting the planner immediately recognise the modifications' effects on the capacity utilisation. Drag&drop modifications will be immediately re-written to the Dynamics NAV data base if desired.

Improved Project Execution & Resource Utilisation

Users of the Jobs Module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be granted the following advantages when applying the Visual Project Scheduler:

  • Improve the qualitiy of your jop planning by viewing jobs, job tasks, job planning lines and resource utilisation at a glance and modify them by simple actions.
  • This transparency pays: the resource utilisation will be improved and the accuracy of delivery date promises will be increased.
  • Recognise dependencies: links between job tasks can be added easily; dependent job tasks can then be shifted or rescheduled en bloc.
  • The good thing is: your employees don't need extensive training for using the Visual Jobs Scheduler. They can get started right away.


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