Despite the fact that visualising the project plan with a Gantt chart is common practice precisely in the project management, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers no project visualisation whatsoever.

Although you could export data from Dynamics NAV and use external products to visualise them, that's not the most suitable way since you would have to deal with two applications.

Besides, when using this method, it often happens that it is only the project reporting that will be realised and not the interactive project planning according to the available capacities.

Gantt Add-in

The Visual Service Scheduler (VSS) is a fully integrated add-in for Dynamics NAV which supports the day-to-day work of the service dispatcher. It combines a visual representation of the service schedule for all service technicians with a view on the yet unassigned service orders.

As such users can see the workload of the service staff on a timeline, and can assign them new service tasks with simple and intuitive drag and drop actions. Of course, the VSS also allows creating dependencies between service tasks, cancel or change service order allocations and modify the length and timing of service orders.


  • Full Integration in Dynamics NAV
  • Drag & Drop Scheduling of Service Orders
  • Understand & Manage Resource Utilisation
  • Cancel Service Order Allocation
  • Split Service Tasks


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