Document Management Software

Technology Management’s document management and delivery solutions will enable you to send, receive, store, retrieve, and share Dynamics ERP business documents with just a few clicks of a mouse and without the expense of printing documents.

Technology Management’s solutions can scan, index and store inbound and outbound documents and link them to provide significant improvements in productivity and customer service.

If an invoice is queried it can be viewed instantly on screen along with the supporting documentation so that query can be resolved in seconds - there are no lengthy phone calls and trips to the filing cabinet. This can help minimise disputes and delays to help you manage cash flow better.

Document management and delivery of Dynamics ERP documents by email or fax could save your business a small fortune per year by reducing paper consumption, postage costs and storage. You will be able to operate more effectively by enhancing productivity, improving cash flow, and enhancing customer service. Companies are usually able to obtain a return on investment in a few months, although some customers have received a return on investment in just a few days.

Learn more about Technology Management’s document management solution, Microsoft Dynamics® ZetaDocs for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV.


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