Dynamics CRM Analytics Software

Is your sales performance buried in a mass of spreadsheets? Do you know which bits of your marketing even work?

Technology Management’s integrated business software gives you the information you need to forecast sales performance and direct marketing spend in the right places.

With built in dashboards, analytics and ad-hoc reporting tools, your sales, marketing and service teams can monitor personal and business Key Performance Indicators, as well as access the latest reports to help them make more informed decisions. With the ability to drill into information, everyone can be empowered with real-time data to drive business performance.

All of Technology Management’s marketing software is available both on your servers and hosted in the cloud by Technology Management, so your business has the power of choice over how best to use technology to meet your business objectives.


  • Produce more accurate sales forecasts and targets based on the facts
  • Monitor lead conversion rates
  • Get real-time views on sales, marketing and service performance
  • Eliminate duplication and errors with a single integrated system providing a single version of the truth
  • Empower your people with access to sales, service and marketing information and metrics

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