Marketing Automation Software

Effectively executed marketing campaigns are an essential step towards building a strong sales pipeline. However, most manufacturing and distribution businesses struggle to bridge the gap between marketing’s job of lead generation and sales.

  Web Tracking
  Nurture Marketing
  Email Marketing
  Campaign Tracking

With an integrated business system from Technology Management, you can automate your entire marketing process and more closely align marketing campaigns with the goals of your sales team.

And because all of Technology Management’s marketing software is available both on your servers and hosted in the cloud by Technology Management, your business has the power of choice over how best to use technology to meet your business objectives.

With Technology Management’s marketing software, you can precisely plan, build, execute and measure the success of each campaign, simplifying the complexity usually associated with lead qualification and conversion.


  • Sharpen your competitive advantage with greater visibility into your marketing effectiveness
  • Streamline your marketing processes and collaborate more closely with sales, ensuring more leads convert
  • Rapidly create, execute and measure campaigns across multiple channels
  • More easily personalise messages to each prospect and customer.

Discover more about Technology Management’s integrated marketing software solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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