Service Management Software

Technology Management’s integrated software to manage your customer service and support can help lower service costs and improve customer retention. Integrated seamlessly with the rest of your business, Technology Management’s customer service software can help your teams upsell and drive more revenue.

An integrated business system from Technology Management gives everyone a 360-degree view of each customer, whether they are in sales, service, support or fulfilment.

In a call centre environment, Technology Management’s service management software will help you assign, track and escalate cases to ensure you’re serving customers more quickly and efficiently.

With all of Technology Management’s marketing software available both on your servers and hosted in the cloud by Technology Management, your business has the power of choice over how best to use technology to meet your business objectives.


  • Add value to customer relationships by offering a customer self-service portal to log and track service requests.
  • Provide remote support teams 24/7 access to customer information.
  • Deploy multiple websites for your business and your dealer network.
  • Track your support team’s performance will real-time data on open cases and response times.
  • Escalate support cases with powerful workflow and automated rules to drive service standards.
  • Cut training costs and increase accuracy with an integrated knowledge base.

Discover more about Technology Management’s service management solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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