The Dynamics 365 Business Central extension from NETRONIC set to make your production scheduling life easier!

Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS)

Gain transparency through visualisation with VAPS

It’s time to stop firefighting and seize full control of your production schedule.

Faster decisions

  • Visually understand & asses your production schedule
  • Understand dependencies and respond instantly to machine breakdowns and late materials
  • Make important decisions quickly – in time to make a difference

Happier clients

  • Better manage your production schedule to respond to late, but important, customer orders
  • Make reliable customer delivery times and deliver as promised
  • Be more responsive to changing customer demands without creating chaos on the shop floor

Better use of resources

  • See the resource load at a glance and rapidly run alternative simulations
  • Understand capacity and bottlenecks - and how to manage them
  • Maximise the throughput by reducing idle times on your machines/machine centres

Intelligent tools to effectively manage the schedule

Have you grown tired of scheduling on a whiteboard or Excel?

Or feel suffocated by permanent firefighting with rush orders, changing customer requirements, machine break downs and more driving you up the wall?

VAPS for Dynamics 365 Business Central will ensure that you can:

  • Give the scheduler control as to when to update the schedule
  • Let the scheduler compare the scenarios and publish what is best
  • Quickly add a job to the schedule without changing other orders
  • Automatically select the best possible machine
  • Use routings that make the “unplanned” more manageable

When companies recognise that their ERP misses scheduling, they attach a solution. They resort to taking data out of the system and building a schedule somewhere else. This decision ultimately creates complexities and points of failure.

With full integration to Dynamics 365 Business Central, VAPS will enable you to gain full control over your production schedule to ensure you deliver on time, in full to all your customers.

Dynamics 365 Business Central