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Advanced Inventory Management

& Demand Planning

for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Operating in wholesale and distribution?

Exasperated by the cost of holding excess safety stock to maintain service levels?

Craving automated planning and purchasing processes to better respond to the constant uncertainty of both demand and supply?

Stop just managing and start optimising! Reduce inventory, streamline purchasing and improve service levels – all integrated within Dynamics 365 Business Central.
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AGR Essentials, integrated to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, delivers demand forecasting, inventory planning and optimisation to achieve visibility and control.

Inventory Optimisation

Lower Stock Levels

Get rid of excess safety stock. With data from Dynamics 365 Business Central, an automated best-fitting forecast method is applied to estimate future demand. This ensures you hold enough stock to respond quickly to customer demand whilst simultaneously reducing storage and transport costs.

The demand forecasting engine takes into account many key features including historical sales, seasonal fluctuations, and promotional activities. Additionally, the demand planning capabilities allow for planning from all levels of the business, top-down, middle-out, and bottom-up.
Click Dimensions for Dynamics 365 CRM
Click Dimensions for Dynamics 365 CRM

Automation & Analysis Working Hand in Hand

Minimise manual order creation

Do away with repetitive, manual work around order creation.  Apply ABC analysis, demand forecasting and planning processes to automatically generate suggested order quantities on your most predictable items. Then free up your team to focus their time on the orders, customers and/or suppliers that deliver the most value to your organisation.

Keep Your Customers Smiling

Improve Service Levels

Fine-tune your product availability. Using your data in Dynamics 365 Business Central, AGR Essentials automatically optimises the service levels for every product when calculating demand forecasts based on uncertainty.

With an automatic ABC analysis of all items, it prioritises products based on value, volume, or margin to make sure you have the right products, in the right place, at the right time.

Increase Sales

Intelligent forecasting

Get ahead of your competition. Apply best practice to demand forecasting, service level management and automated purchase ordering. Lower your operating costs and achieve higher customer service targets.

Be Sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint

Stop waste. Cease the wasting of natural resources from purchasing, transporting and storing overstocked items and contribute to the lowering of your carbon footprint.

If you’re using Dynamics 365 Business Central and looking to minimise overstocked items and stockout situations (plus streamline your purchasing along the way), then get in touch today!