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Container Management
for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Clever WMS Containers by Clever Dynamics accelerates your warehousing efficiency by assigning unique container numbers to a quantity of single items, a group of item or containers, such as a valuable metal stillages or jigs. In the US, this is called ‘licencing plating’.

Get complete visibility of what is where in your warehouse! Track your containers at location, bin and item level and even disable tracking, for example using tracking in receipt and bulk bin but not in pick bins. 

Instantly put-away or move collections of items in a container when used alongside Clever WMS Devices. Easily scan your container number and enter its new locations – it’s that easy. You can also tidy up your bulk spaces easily by adding to, taking from and consolidating your containers. 

Clever Containers allows you to process multiple items all in one go, enables inventory rotation without full item tracking and also helps you to move of containers between different locations. Additionally it supports the creation and assignment  of SSCC, supplementing advance ship notices. 

Interested in Clever WMS Containers?

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