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Shipping Agent Management
for Dynamics 365 Business Central


Mind the communications gap between you and your third-party shipping agents.

Often, the most difficult part of managing your 3PL agents is the inability to meet the shipper's specific logistics requirements – and missing information can mean delays, extra charges and a huge headache for your warehouse.
Make a change. Effortlessly manage and schedule deliveries with your chosen shipping agents with Shipping Agent Integration by Clever Dynamics for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Communicate seamlessly with different carrier services, such as DPD, DHL, and FedEx; while guaranteeing they have the detailed information they need to get your products out to customers thick and fast.

The Shipping Agent App works in two stages.

Make sure your 3PL agents get all the details they need directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central - including weights, package sizes, order numbers, and delivery addresses – so they have true visibility of the types of deliveries leaving your warehouse and can organise their trucks and delivery schedules.

Then to produce delivery labels directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central for your chosen carrier, so you can get your products ready for collection!
Remove the headache of long-winded processes for 3PL services and help safeguard the best quality service for your customers. 

Shipping Agent Integration has been designed to make your warehouse and distribution teams lives easier. Remove the questions or discrepancies from information required and make certain your carriers know what they are dealing with for every collection.

Interested in Shipping Agent Management?

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