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Does the lack of an integrated business system drive you insane?

Growing revenue and building brands whilst improving profitability is job one for Consumer Goods companies.

But it’s not easy with intense global competition, increasing trade concentration, growth opportunities in unfamiliar channels, new market entrants and a need for greater efficiency in both production and the supply chain – and all combined with fluctuating costs and currencies.

The winners will be companies who can deliver the right combination of quality and value to their increasingly demanding time-sensitive sales channels.



Dynamics CPG



Now is the time to grow your business with Microsoft Dynamics

Many small and mid-sized companies reach a tipping point when the very tools that supported business growth in the beginning, start to become a cumbersome block to insight and decision making.

With Dynamics Consumer Goods you can connect your people, processes and systems - enabling you to focus on making decisions and transforming your business performance.

Dynamics Consumer Goods is our offer of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP & Dynamics 365 combined with specific industry functionality that provides a complete end-to-end business software solution for Consumer Goods manufacturers and distributors.


Meet retailers’ demands and increase sales performance across all channels


  • drive down the cost of EDI with retailers, suppliers and logistics providers
  • drive up sales through integrated eCommerce for the independents
  • improve sales and merchandising out in the field
  • simplify the management of promotions, rebates & licence royalties
  • increase warehouse efficiency & reduce stock with a streamlined pick, pack and ship cycle
  • enhance customer responsiveness with an integrated Customer Service Desk
  • understand product profitability with complete visibility of landed costs
  • improve decision making with a single view of operations & business performance

One solution = Fewer headaches + More productivity

Multiple, disparate applications with proliferating data mean reduced productivity, duplication of effort, high error rates and a lack of visibility.

Dynamics Consumer Goods provides real-time and accurate information throughout your organisation, making it the ideal vertical solution for companies in the Consumer Goods sector.

Microsoft Dynamics has been seamlessly extended to include Consumer Goods industry-specific requirements to ensure your business makes the most of its IT investment.


Reasons to change your ERP business software solution

The fast-moving, ever-changing world of Consumer Goods demands a constant need to analyse every detail. With the right strategy, solution and ethos, maximise your organisation's performance.

Our MD, James Crowter (MVP) explains the troubles you may face as an organisation in this industry and how Dynamics Consumer Goods will help drive your organisation forward in these short videos.


Are you relying on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for your day-to-day activities?

Remove the need for countless and isolated Excel spreadsheets with one source of real-time truth.



Are you Wasting time on complex, manual processes for EDI and eCommerce?

Too many manual workarounds? Not using integrated systems with EDI and eCommerce?



Lack of coordination between field sales, merchandising and office?

Leverage the power of real-time communication throughout your organisation.



Are you constantly struggling to keep track of promotions or rebates?

Take advantage by having the right pricing mechanism to drive your sales and productivity.



Unable to cope with last minute retailer orders that need delivery within days?

Retailers wait until the last moment to order: deliver by minimising cost and maximising efficiency.



Dispatch process reliant on information held in your warehouse manager's head?

Build a system around great processes rather than relying on multiple key individuals.



Disparate disjointed data preventing timely reporting & decision making?

Excel isn't enough. Maintain full visibility, link your data and gain powerful insights.



Dynamics Consumer Goods Brochure

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