Building Materials Trends
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It’s not just the fashion industry that is trend-led. Trends come and go! In 2020 there were a few – who remembers when everyone was buying paint and DIY supplies and shops such as B&Q and Wickes were completely wiped out? Or when you logged online and the world and his dog were baking banana bread? Another popular trend is home offices.

Improve efficiency in your Building Materials business during Covid-19
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Last month the whole of the UK was turned on their heads when the country was essentially shut down due to Covid-19. In the construction industry building sites up and down the country turned into ghost towns, with half-finished projects and building materials manufacturers and distributors not knowing when they would be back to ‘normal’. According to IHS Markit, 75% of manufacturers they surveyed in the last month reported a drop in activity due to Covid-19. Not surprising, to say the least.  

Outdated technology having an impact on your Building Materials business?
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As a Building Materials business your main focus is selling your materials to give you more profit and inevitably grow your business.

Building strong relationships and having good customer service  with your specifiers, influencers & Customers is key!
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As a Building Materials business you have one main goal, to sell your products profitably. Now you couldn’t sell your products unless you have developed a base of loyal customers, as well as, a brand, USP, or identity as an organisation.

Wise up to a smarter future with Dynamics Building Materials
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We’re sure in your heating & plumbing business your main mission is to supply and sell your products profitably.

Why is having one integrated system that helps to manage warranties important for your Building Materials business?
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Are you relying on spreadsheets & bespoke databases when it comes to managing warranties? Is your warranty management process manual? If the answer is yes to any of these then this is the blog for you!

Understanding your sales performance with Dynamics Building Materials
(Reading time: 4 - 7 minutes)

In this typically project-driven industry, you need to be able to maximise your organisation’s potential to drive growth and profitability – which means you need your sales strategy on point.