The PlannerOne application is natively designed for a multi-user planning and scheduling process. The Windows (RTC) or Web Client can be used to customise the interface for users based on their roles in the company.

Project managers can jointly identify available resources, allocate them to their jobs and change the planning in terms of job and resource unavailabilities any time during the day.

When visiting a client, each person (resource) will have a real-time access on his planning in a Calendar view thanks to PlannerOne Resource Planner via Internet Explorer. A sales representative can analyse the job planning for his clients. Management will be able to foresee the loads and capacities of the various resource groups and therefore forecast invoicing of coming weeks and months.


The Resource Planner provides organisations with the following benefits:

  • Web component fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • CfMD solution (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Best price/performance ratio of APS software on the market
  • Return on investment in weeks
  • Improved customer service level
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced inventory and cycle time
  • Improved responsiveness

PlannerOne Resource Planner enhances the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing Module with the following functionalities:

  • Job and/or Service Order graphical planning
    Automatic planning of all job activities in the Job Planner view, or manual planning in the Gantt Chart view for individual or periodic activities.
  • Resources allocation and resources booking
    Easy replanning by drag & drop, with a warning in case of capacity issue. This can be applied to the minute, hour or day bucket, and on an horizon of several weeks or months.
  • Custom Gantt charts for specific analysis
  • Detailed analysis of resources loads
    By integrating the resources capacity defined in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the load diagram allows resources load rate analysis and projected invoicing, based on job planning line prices.
  • Display completed activities and completion percentage per job or service order
  • Configurable visual markers
    Provide graphical information about a specific constraint on any activity and implement a collaboration process between the various job stakeholders.
  • Advances/delays analysis
  • Simulations in a Work Plan
  • Customised navigation links
    Towards Microsoft Dynamics NAV or other applications (for a display of the customers address in Bing Map for example)
  • Access planning through Internet Explorer or Microsoft Outlook or on mobiles/tablets.


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