QlikView Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

QlikView Business Intelligence (BI) delivers a new way to drive your decision-making processes. Dynamic real-time interactive views of the information you need gives you the insight you need to make decisions based on the here and now.

Understand your business better:

  • Drive data from multiple sources into one complete view
  • Drill down associations in your data regardless of its source
  • Benefit from social decision making with collaboration that is real-time
  • Modern and clean visualisations that can be engaged with
  • Extract data for analysis through dynamic apps, dashboards that are mobile-friendly

Data is King

User-centric interactivity is key with QlikView. You can ask your own questions and formulate your insights and get answers fast. QlikView provides a universal search with fuzzy logic - so if you have forgotten the name of a customer, but you know what it sounds like or part of the name - key it in and QlikView will list all potential matches.

The search capabilities do not stop there. Comparitive analysis allows for an infinite array of combinations. Ask any "what-if" questions and visualise the results the way you want - through interactive charts, tables, maps, graphs and list boxes.


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