Better manage cases that involve items being returned and/or replaced for more effective customer service in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Enable your customer service team to more smoothly manage cases that involvement items being returned and/or replaced with the integrated Dynamics Additions Sales Documents which will leave keep all your cases, customer communications and stock levels in perfect sync.

Typically, when a customer returns a product, you need to create a sales return order to acknowledge the product has been received. Most likely your customer service team will also need to issue a sales replacement order for the replacement item – and both these documents need to be initiated by switching directly into Dynamics NAV. This process can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

The Sales Documents Addition makes the transition between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365/CRM seamless, to vastly improve your customer service team’s efficiency and accuracy. You can select to create the sales return order (and replacement sales order) directly from within Dynamics 365/CRM which then instantly opens Dynamics NAV, automatically finds the customer and launches the appropriate sales document to pull through all the relevant details such as stock availability, customer delivery details and customer-specific pricing (as appropriate) etc. Next time a returned product lands in your office, your stock will be automatically updated using this Dynamics Addition.

The Addition ensures that your customer service team are completing the relevant processes within the correct system. Also, details from the return sales order or replacement sales order from Dynamics NAV are immediately written back to Dynamics CRM/365 to keep everyone up-to-date and workflow will send an automated email on your behalf to the customer to keep them in the loop too!

Seize advantage of this powerful integration tool between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365/CRM to streamline the sales processes undertaken by your customer services teams and deliver real-time information to keep customers and staff alike consistently informed.

The Sales Documents Dynamics Addition can also be used to seamlessly create quotes and orders in Dynamics NAV direct from account or opportunity records in Dynamics 365/CRM.


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