Define promotions on your products and even create reusable promotion codes for limited time offers in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The Promotions Addition from Technology Management allows you to define your promotional offers, the customers to whom the offers apply, the qualifying criteria for that offer and the benefit (e.g. free item lines, discount amount). It includes the ability to create single or multiple-use promotion codes, e.g. quote “JAN2018SALE” during January to receive 10% off the order value, extending the basic functions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV far beyond its ‘out of the box’ capabilities.

The solution uses standard Dynamics NAV logic and therefore fits well with any existing processes you have in place. Dynamics Additions Promotions can create separate item groups for products on offer, or use the normal Dynamics NAV items. You can also regulate your offers by setting either a date range or a maximum quantity; helping to ensure you don’t sell more than you have to supply, whilst keeping control of your stock in a way that best suits your organisation.

View the result of your offers in the ‘Document Lines’ and easily follow promotions in an associated summary page. Should any issues arise, it’s easy to track offers applied to any transaction to make life that little bit easier…


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