Track every change made on Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics NAV – and save the history.

Every wondered the value of orders you’ve had today and tried to report on that from Dynamics NAV? How do you track the orders you ship & invoice on the same day? How do you include change in value where previously placed orders are amended or even cancelled?

Use Dynamics Addition Sales Input Log to keep track and control of the change to value and quantity made on every sales document (orders, invoices, credits & returns) made in Dynamics NAV between two specified times, down to the second. Know who is responsible for each entry, change or deletion and be able to dashboard each salespersons performance to the second.

Know what you’ve sold today as well as to whom rather than what you shipped or invoiced. Sales Input Log helps you spot trends early across your varying channels, customer groups and product sets. Share knowledge of spikes or dips in demand as soon as transactions are entered, enabling you to better react to maximise your market share.

Use Dynamics Additions Sales Input Log to measure and target the true performance of your entire sales and customer service teams.


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